10 Tips For Successful Woocommerce Bulk Product Upload


For Initials, this would be a premium quality listing ensuring high-quality product description, catchy product title, images, better presentation of your product, etc. But the end goal of every WooCommerce seller is to get sales. When you get high sales, you believe that you have made a successful product listing.

To ensure your listing converts into sales, you need to consider various things especially when you’re adding products in bulk to avoid repetition or revision as it wastes a lot of time and energy.

In this article, you will find 10 tips for listing products in bulk to increase sales on WooCommerce.

1.Use a CSV File/plugin For WooCommerce Bulk Product Upload

There can be various ways for WooCommerce Product Upload based on the single and bulk listing. For a single listing, you can do it with the plugin and manually as WooCommerce has a built-in plugin to upload products.

For bulk product upload, you can use CSV File or Plugin to upload products in bulk. WooCommerce itself offers Product Import Export Plugin to import, export or update hundreds or thousands of products in your store with a single CSV file. This tool also supports most product types, including variations.

Depending on the feature, you can enhance WooCommerce bulk product listing and streamline the process. It will also save you a lot of time and effort and make you quick in the listing process.

2. Always Use High-Resolution and Zoomable Images

For customers in an e-store, images are the only way to interact with products. So, make sure you give them best shopping experience with high-quality product images. When you’re Uploading Products in Bulk on WooCommerce using a CSV File or spreadsheet, you can add URLs of images or names.

Each product’s images should be high-quality and zoomable so that customers can zoom the product image to see the product’s details clearly and feel confident about the product to make a purchase.

Since you’re adding products in bulk, there will be variations. So, make sure to add images according to the variations as it helps the customers to explore more options and not leave your store without purchasing the product.


Add multiple photos of your product covering Banner Image, Product Feature Image, Benefits Image, Packaging Image, etc.

3. A High-Quality Product Description

When you upload WooCommerce products in bulk, there are some similarities and differences between the products, and the customer will get to know all this with the product description. However, the product description doesn’t mean copying and pasting the product information received from the manufacturer.

A monotonous product description will never attract customers. Around 98% of customers don’t buy the product due to a lack of product information. Thus, it’s important to write a product description that is accurate, complete, valuable, and attractive. Your product description should connect with your customers on an emotional level and help them to know why the product is best for their needs.


A great product description provides the true value and benefits of the products, conveys a story, and stand the product as something more-a solution.

4. A Valuable Product Specification

This is another important step to consider while Uploading Products on WooCommerce. A product specification provides specific and important details about your product.


Do not compromise on quality by keyword stuffing into product specifications. Avoid it here.

You can find a column/section in the Product Upload File for adding product specifications. Add the details into bullet points as they are ideally considered formats for specification.

Here are the following specifications that customers will see on your product pages:

  • Full dimension, including height, weight, depth, length….
  • The material used or includes information
  • The product’s country of origin
  • Whether or not assembly is required
  • Whether or not additional parts are required
  • Specify any warnings or disclaimers.

Keep the product specification short and straightforward.

5. Use SEO Practices While Uploading Products In Bulk

SEO is the most important factor to increase sales on Woocommerce. It helps boost product page ranking on WooCommerce and Search Engines as well. Therefore, you must adhere to SEO while doing WooCommerce Bulk Product Upload.

For SEO, you can use Plugin like Yoast to ensure better search engine optimization. Along with this, while uploading products, do your homework on competitor and keyword research. Add relevant and high-quality keywords in the product title, description, and image alt text, and add keywords in the specified section in the product upload sheet. It will boost your product ranking and visibility.

6. Offer Discounts and Offers To Increase Sales

50% Sale! Suppose you get this 50% Discount on your favorite product, are you going to miss it?

These kinds of discounts attract customers and convince them to purchase your product.

This is another tip for a successful WooCommerce Product Upload. Offering eye-catching deals, offers, and discounts will convince buyers to purchase your product. Therefore, add exciting deals and discounts on your product. It also creates value for buyers of your product and helps them consider the deal useful.

7. Add Competitive Product Pricing After a Complete Research

Pricing is another factor to consider when you Upload Bulk Products on WooCommerce. Make sure you do competitive research on the price and set the best price for your product. Specify the cost of the variation if the price is different for variations.

A competitive price of the product help buyers decides whether or not to buy the product.  Therefore, set the price ensuring customer satisfaction and your margin.

8. Designate and Display Featured Products

Leverage this feature on WooCommerce Bulk Product Upload. Designate your product as Featured Product as it has its section and gets highlighted on the homepage. It attracts customers to click on your products.

9. Highlight Product’s Benefits Important to Buyers

Customers will buy your product if it provides benefits to them. So, make sure you highlight all the product’s benefits of customers’ interests.

10. Be Sure Your Products are Easy to Find and Purchase

You have done everything on your product, but what if the customer is not able to access the product? So, that’s why you should optimize your product and checkout page. After uploading products to WooCommerce, make sure they are live and easily accessible on store.


Consider all the above tips while Uploading Bulk Products on WooCommerce. It can help you increase product page visibility and boost sales.

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